Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wine Bottle Wind Chimes (Recycled/Repurposed)

After great consideration I have just completed a new design for my wine bottles. They have turned out so well and are becoming a big hit on my etsy site for the short time that they have been on there.

Each wine bottle is cleaned and the label is removed. I handcut each bottle, then I grind the edges to a smooth finish. After assembling the wind chime, I test each one outside on my patio for its durability. They can handle a nice gentle to medium breeze and they sound wonderful. I'v even left one out in a storm the other day just to see how it would handle a fairly strong wind. It actually did perfect.

Each of my wine bottle wind chimes come in different sizes. No two are ever going to be alike.

They would be perfect for any out door patio or garden area. They also look great just hanging in the corner of a room to add an interesting unique touch.