Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Real Job As A Stained Glass Artist

I'v already told you a little about myself, but I feel like I need to tell more.
As I have mentioned before that I'm a stained glass artist by trade. I just wanted you to see a small sampling of what it is that I do.
In the photo above is a pictures of the window that I reconstructed for a local church in a neigboring town. This window was originally from the early 1800's and I was asked to reconstruct in to its former beauty.
First I had to completely log every piece of glass before I could start. I then made a sketch, so that I would know where every piece needed to go. This particular window had layers of glass.
This technique is called plating. Layers of glass were built into the window to reach a specific shade of color. Of course this make the repair alot more difficult. Once the sketch and the logging were done then I had to take it appart and label every piece. After that then each piece needs to be cleaned and put back together with new lead and solder. I also added a few internal re-bars for strength. I also added a dedication plaque upon the family's request.
It took me over three months to repair this window and the finished product turned out wonderful!
The family that commissioned me for this project are very pleased with the out come and the window hangs in their church today and will hang there for my years to come. I'm was very proud to be a part of this restoration.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! Your work is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.